Power generator
Generators have two power ratings - the nominal or principal and maximum rezervnaya.Nominalnaya or generator power is always less than the maximum value, and it is within the power plant can operate...
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The power plant for the home. How to choose?
Frequent voltage failure in the network, especially outside the city, delivering a lot of trouble for the residents of homes, cottages and kottedzhey.Resheniem network disconnection problem in this...
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SDMO - the real power of France
SDMO power produced in 1966 the French company SDMO Industries. Specialization SDMO production of a wide range of generators in the power range from 1 to 3025 kVA. SDMO today - is one of the leaders...
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Exhibition "Oil and Gas"
SDMO INDUSTRIES take part in the 12th Moscow International Exhibition "Oil and Gas"     25 -28 JUNE 2013. 25-28 June 2013 in "Expocentre" will take place 12th Moscow International...
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SDMO Russia (en)

Whether it is "emergency" power supply in case of possible power cuts (eg hospitals, shopping centers, etc.), or "permanent" energy where there is no conventional electric networks (power plants), SDMO has committed a sufficiently wide range of products to meet market demands. The proposal consists of three main families:

- Basic products (portable generator sets, household generator sets, generator sets for rent and stationary generator sets)

- Competence and Service (generator sets for special purposes, training, spare parts, technical support)

- Related Products (control panels and control Nexys, Telys, Kerys)

National coverage, the presence in the international market, "think globally, act locally"

To ensure the development of its business and win new markets SDMO is based on:

- The existing distribution network in more than 150 countries,

- 7 overseas branches,

- 4 representative

- 7 commercial agencies and three regional directorate in France.

The company's ability to efficiency is also based on the development of five storage terminals that interact with branches constitute an effective commercial network. Projects undertaken with the firm Kolher, extends the reach of clientele SDMO into force

complementarity of the installed equipment.

Market logic to improve the timeliness

The key production units based in Brest, built in the form of production lines, the relevant commercial offers the company:

- Manufacture of portable gensets (Portable Power) and low-power electric plants (Power Products),

- The production lines of electric machines Power Products (generating sets), Rental Power (electric units rented) and Residential Power (domestic generating sets)

- Manufacture of electric machines for special purposes (Power Solutions). This global production teams work together with marketing and commercial services strengthen the position of SDMO: clear instructions, efficiency, presence in major markets.