Power generator
Generators have two power ratings - the nominal or principal and maximum rezervnaya.Nominalnaya or generator power is always less than the maximum value, and it is within the power plant can operate...
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The power plant for the home. How to choose?
Frequent voltage failure in the network, especially outside the city, delivering a lot of trouble for the residents of homes, cottages and kottedzhey.Resheniem network disconnection problem in this...
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SDMO - the real power of France
SDMO power produced in 1966 the French company SDMO Industries. Specialization SDMO production of a wide range of generators in the power range from 1 to 3025 kVA. SDMO today - is one of the leaders...
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Exhibition "Oil and Gas"
SDMO INDUSTRIES take part in the 12th Moscow International Exhibition "Oil and Gas"     25 -28 JUNE 2013. 25-28 June 2013 in "Expocentre" will take place 12th Moscow International...
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SDMO history


Creation of SDMO by the MEUNIER family to distribute MWM marine engines.


SDMO moves towards the manufacture of generating sets and phases out the distribution of marine engines.


SDMO begins to develop due to growth of poultry farming and food processing in Brittany.


After its regional success, SDMO decides to develop its presence on the French market opening an office in Paris and building its head office and an adjacent plant to accommodate for its growth.


Two sales offices are opened in France to strengthen the national development. SDMO sets up a distribution network in Africa and takes on its first export sales representative. Thanks to considerable success in Libya, SDMO establishes itself in the region and wins an increasing number of contracts in the Middle East and French-speaking Africa. SDMO decides to diversify with a range of low-capacity gensets at 30 kVA.


SDMO buys the "AMAN" generating set division from ALSTOM and thus acquires know-how in the field of specific applications (standalone power stations, telecommunications, military, offshore, etc.). During this same period, the Meunier group buys SOREEL, a firm specialized in automatic cabinets, in order to control its "sensitive" products.


EDF launches the EJP (peak saving) system, providing a strong incentive to high and moderate consumers of electricity to buy generating sets in order to produce and sell energy. SDMO develops significantly in France and earns its position as leader thanks to its technical engineering know-how and the superior quality of its after-sales service. This increase in volume allows it to expand to new export markets, particularly in Europe where it sets up a network of distributors.


SDMO decides to open subsidiaries in Spain and England, as well as in Singapore to reach the fast-growing Asian markets.


SDMO decides to strengthen even further its development of exports to anticipate a predicted drop in the French market, which is overly dependent on the EDF tariff policy (peak saving). SDMO dedicates additional resources to its export business and sets up a distributor network in South America.


To support its expansion and the development of its sales and manufacture of standard generating sets, SDMO opens a new plant with a surface area of 15,000 m2, located in the industrial area of Kergaradec in Brest (France).


SDMO continues to develop its exports by asserting its position in areas where it is already present (opening subsidiaries in Argentina, Brazil and the USA, as well as a sales office in Algiers).


SDMO standardises the colour of its generating sets, restructures its range of products and successfully unveils its new brand image to its network of partners. SDMO reinforces its export development by opening a subsidiary in Belgium, followed by another in Nigeria. In 2005, MEUNIER Holding sells SDMO to the American KOHLER group, along with two sister companies SOREEL (electrical engineering and automation) and BES (maintenance of gensets). Kohler group already owns and distributes its own range of gensets internationally.


SDMO sets up an office in Dubai, followed by others in Johannesburg (South Africa) and Moscow (Russia). SDMO and Kohler divide the world’s sales regions between them, based on their existing market penetration. SDMO retains Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Central America and South America. The rapidly growing business and increasing demand call for further investment: plans for an extension of the main plant (Kergaradec II) are approved by Kohler.


SDMO invests in new resources to expand its product ranges and offer hybrid energy solutions. Building work begins on the Kergaradec II plant.


Despite the global economic crisis, SDMO is still going strong. Germany is added to the list of European subsidiaries after SDMO buys one of its oldest and most loyal distributors. Launch of the new range, Rental Compact, which is designed specifically for the rental market. Introduction of biogas engine gensets. Synergy with the Kohler group is strengthened by the inclusion of its engines in the Portable Power and Power Products ranges. The Miami SDMO Generating Sets subsidiary celebrates 10 years of business, SDMO NV celebrates its 8th anniversary and the Russian office is officially inaugurated.


SDMO strengthens its presence in the Middle East by expanding its teams in Dubai and opening an office in Cairo, Egypt. This new site is directly supervised by the United Arab Emirates subsidiary. The new Kergaradec II plant opens. SDMO’s main production site now extends over 40,000 m².