Power generator
Generators have two power ratings - the nominal or principal and maximum rezervnaya.Nominalnaya or generator power is always less than the maximum value, and it is within the power plant can operate...
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The power plant for the home. How to choose?
Frequent voltage failure in the network, especially outside the city, delivering a lot of trouble for the residents of homes, cottages and kottedzhey.Resheniem network disconnection problem in this...
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SDMO - the real power of France
SDMO power produced in 1966 the French company SDMO Industries. Specialization SDMO production of a wide range of generators in the power range from 1 to 3025 kVA. SDMO today - is one of the leaders...
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Exhibition "Oil and Gas"
SDMO INDUSTRIES take part in the 12th Moscow International Exhibition "Oil and Gas"     25 -28 JUNE 2013. 25-28 June 2013 in "Expocentre" will take place 12th Moscow International...
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